Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

March 18, 2013

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Nestled along the picturesque Susquehanna River, Harrisburg is Pennsylvania’s captal city and home to a vibrant Orthodox Jewish community. Harrisburg has all of the infrastructure needed to live a full Orthodox life (i.e. a warm and welcoming Shul, a Mikvah, an Eruv, a Jewish day school, and full availability of Kosher food). Harrisburg is also only a short drive away from several other Orthodox communities (i.e. just 75 minutes from Baltimore, 2 hours from Philadelphia, and 3 hours from NYC).

Kesher Israel regularly welcomes renowned Jewish personalities from around the world as scholars-in-residence. For nearly 20 years, KI has also been proud to sponsor a summer Kollel program to enrich our Torah studies, and offer fun-filled programming for Harrisburg’s Jewish youth.

Through daily services, Torah study opportunities, special events, and holiday celebrations, KI offers great opportunities to socialize with other members of our Jewish community, have our lives enhanced by Judaism, and experience the richness of our traditions.

As Pennsylvania’s capital city, numerous career opportunities can be found in the greater Harrisburg area. Kesher Israel Congregation is committed to matching Jewish individuals interested in relocating with high quality jobs in our area.

With an abundance of affordable homes and low cost of living, Kesher Israel looks forward to welcoming you to Harrisburg.


Name: Rabbi Akiva Males

Email: rabbimales@yahoo.com

Phone #: 717-238-0763

Harrisburgh, PA