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Join a warm, welcoming, and growing Torah community where you and your family can enjoy a comfortable, relaxing, and productive quality of life.

Affordable tuition: Supplemental state-sponsored school tuition is available to qualified parents. First year of tuition is free to qualifying new families.

Local jobs in the fields of Healthcare, Accounting, Law, Commercial Real Estate, Logistics, Manufacturing, Business, and the United States Government.

Affordable housing in the beautiful historic Ghent neighborhood of Downtown Norfolk Cost of living 27-50% less than NY metropolitan areas. Everything you need to raise an observant Jewish family:
Toras Chaim, an Orthodox day school with a pre-school program, Yeshivas Aish Kodesh High School for Boys, Binah High School for Girls, a mikvah, an eruv, a welcoming Shul for all Jews, a kollel, a Vaad Hakashrus, and learning opportunities every day of the week!

Cardo Café is centrally located in the JCC; Kosher food is available in several local supermarkets.

Driving distance to major Jewish communities – Baltimore: 4 hours; Lakewood: 6 hours; NYC: 7 hours. Great weather and region. We are just a short drive from Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base providing economic stability, and the area is rich in history and natural beauty. We will be conducting virtual job interviews in real time with a professional recruiter at the fair. Please send your resume to


● Affordable Apartment Rentals

● Affordable Homes/Co-ops

● Eruv

● Job Opportunities

● Kollel

● Kosher Food Availability

● Low Taxes

● Mikvah

● Tuition Vouchers/Rebates

● Yeshiva Elementary Day School

● Yeshiva High School

Participated in Fair 2017, 2019, 2022
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