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Bayonne is an out-of-town community 20 minutes from New York City. It has both an urban and suburban feel, with apartment buildings and high quality suburban homes. You can get everywhere within the town by walking 15-20 minutes, including the beautiful parks, as well as the shopping area and public transportation.

Bayonne offers the advantage of “being in on the ground floor” in a warm, revitalizing, close-knit community with all of the resources of larger communities. We have a Lakewood-style Kollel, which has daily minyanim and learning opportunities. Our shul holds Shabbos minyanim with a complete Seudah following Kiddush each week. We host a diversity of hashkafa and offer youth groups for children ranging from Pre-K through 4th grade.

There are many choices for schools within a 15-minute drive of the community, JEC and Bruriah in Elizabeth as well in Passaic, 20 minutes away.

Both Shoprite and Shop ‘n’ Save have a wonderful variety of kosher food available.

There is affordable housing, including a tremendous rental apartment range of options. Manhattan is a 45-minute ride by Lightrail and PATH or a 20-minute drive. There are numerous local job opportunities in Bayonne and nearby Jersey City in IT, finance, real estate, and healthcare.

Please come visit us for Shabbos!  You’ll want to stay!

Participated in Fair 2017

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