Highland Park/Edison, NJ United States

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Highland Park/Edison* offers the best of what a large and small Jewish community has to offer. An achdus that would ordinarily only be found in a small community, is palpable here with over 1,100 Shomer Shabbos families, across the hashkafic spectrum. It is a community where friendships span across shuls, schools, and generations. A low-key, laid back way of life that emphasizes middos over materialism.


At the same time, there are several excellent local yeshivas: Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva, Netivot, and Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion; 8 shuls, a kosher supermarket and restaurants, an eruv, a mikvah, bikur cholim, Hatzolah, and a kollel – all of which are hallmarks of a large, established community.


The abundance of parks and proximity to museums make Highland Park/Edison a wonderful place to raise a family. Adjacent New Brunswick boasts a number of theaters and a comedy club.


A variety of reasonably priced homes starting in low $300,000s and affordable rentals: a 2-bedroom is approximately $1,500 and a 3-bedroom is under $2,200 a month. Easy commute to NYC, with two NJ Transit train stops, Amtrak, and direct bus service to Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Commutable to Princeton, South Jersey, and Philadelphia.


We are adjacent to Rutgers University and the headquarters of Johnson & Johnson. There are large pharmaceutical companies and corporations that have their headquarters in commutable distance. Its close proximity to three large hospitals, two within the eruv, make it the ideal place for those in the medical field.


Visit Highland Park/Edison and you will never want to leave!

*Highland Park, NJ is directly adjacent to the Edison community, and completely walkable one to the other on Shabbat. Check out Highland Park’s page to view more resources for this neighborhood.

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Highland Park/Edison is served by an active Highland Park NCSY chapter, headed by
R' Shmulie Greene (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 973-214-8577 Visit Region Web Site