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Welcome to Somerton! Our beautiful community situated within Greater Philadelphia enjoys all the amenities of big city life–convenient and varied shopping and activities, a vibrant job market–while benefiting from a calming suburban feel. There’s plenty of space to live, breathe, and relax, lush grass and trees, and driving without aggravating traffic.

Our location is unbeatable–we are under 2 hours from Monsey, 90 minutes to NYC, an hour to Lakewood and 2 hours to Baltimore. and other areas. Commuting with public transportation is easy, and a local train station provides regular service to Center City.

Buy a house for $250K-$350K with 3-5 bedrooms (there are also home with 6+ bedroom!); rent a spacious apartment for $900/month. Property taxes are about $2,400 a year. There’s something within a shul’s walk for everyone.

Somerton provides easy access to employment within Philadelphia, NY and NJ. Our dedicated community members can help you find the right job! Local medical care is top-notch, with numerous outstanding clinics, urgent care facilities, and the excellent Children’s Hospital. With Philly’s historical downtown, museums, park system, zoo and more, there’s tons of recreation for the whole family.

Somerton boasts several Orthodox shuls, a beautiful brand new mikvah, and a full-service kosher supermarket complete with take-out, sushi, and a pizzeria inside. We have many options for Orthodox schooling at all academic levels, which all benefit from generous tuition subsidies due to Pennsylvania’s Private School Tax Credits.

We are a community of chessed, where everyone makes a difference. Come check out Somerton!


Job Placement Assistance

PA State Tax Tuition Subsidies


• Affordable Apartment Rentals

• Affordable Homes/Co-ops

• Eruv

• Job Opportunities

• Kollel

• Kosher Food Availability

• Kosher Dining

• Low Taxes

• Mikvah

• Retirement/Senior Living

• Yeshiva Elementary Day School

• Yeshiva High School

• Boys’ and Girls’ Camps/ Orthodox Branch of Boy Scouts

• Hatzolah (of Philadephia) and Chaveirim services

Participated in Fair 2019

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Somerton/Philadelphia is served by an active Philadelphia NCSY chapter, headed by
Yitz Levi (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 410-358-6279 Visit Web Site


Yachad Region Contact Information: 212.613.8229 11 Broadway, 13th Floor
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