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Rhode Island’s capital, Providence is teeming with energy, culture, arts, diversity, and social opportunity. Local institutions benefit from the talented and diverse residents who enthusiastically participate in the city’s life. Home to many institutions of higher education such as Brown, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Johnson and Wales, Providence features a unique blend of ambitious students and world-class professors. Providence is both large enough to offer all of the amenities of a large urban center, while truly maintaining its old-world small town feel. Residents enjoy incredibly short daily commutes, greatly increasing time with family and enhancing the quality of life. Providence boasts a thriving arts scene, beautiful scenery and outdoor activities, and is a wonderful home for families young and old alike.

The close-knit Jewish community models the city of Providence at large. Individuals and institutions actively pursue meaningful Jewish living in a variety of ways. Congregation Beth Sholom partners with Jewish institutions of all stripes to bring quality Jewish programming to the community. Opportunities for involvement include weekly shiurim, regular social action projects, recreational activities, daily prayer, and more. Providence provides all of the support necessary for vibrant Jewish living, while offering the freedom, respect, and space for growth. Come be a part of our communities’ recent growth and help mold the future of the Providence Jewish community!

Participated in Fair 2013, 2015
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Providence has an active NCSY chapter, headed by
Rabbi Yudi Riesel (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 551-265-6141 Visit Region Web Site


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