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COLUMBUS, the 14th largest city in America and capital of Ohio, is a vibrant Orthodox Jewish community. In fact, it has one of the fastest growing employment markets in the overall Midwest with extremely affordable housing and vital infrastructure to raise a Jewish family and for Jewish individuals. Columbus rates in the top tier for growth, tech opportunity, startup activity, retail/designer trends, zoo, arts, corporate investments, young professionals, housing, banking & insurance, lifestyles and values. Drive anywhere under 30 minutes!

Columbus’ dynamic job market can be attributed to corporations such as Nationwide Insurance, Ohio State University, Cardinal Health, Chase Bank, Wendy’s, Abbott and Battelle Laboratories, and retail giants: L-Brands, A&F, Lane Bryant and DSW. Medical Centers, including Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio State University Hospitals, are expanding and hiring.

Housing is incredibly affordable. Buy a beautiful 3-bedroom/2- bathroom home of approximately 1,800 sq. ft. for under $275K or rent it for less than $1,700/month. What makes Columbus even more affordable is that we have state tuition vouchers which significantly reduce the cost of day school education. Columbus is home to 3 vibrant Orthodox synagogues, a community Kollel, a Modern Orthodox K-12 Day School, a mikvah, an eruv, a JCC, and preschools. Our community is home to Jewish learning and thinkers, including our community families, the Schottenstein’s, Wexner’s and Melton’s.

The Columbus Orthodox community is warm and friendly, diverse and accepting and a great place to raise Jewish children. Reach out ( and see why Columbus is the place for you.


– Reduced JCC Memberships
– Free Shul Memberships
– Private School Vouchers – State of Ohio, Ohio Department of Education offers scholarships of up to $5,500 (grades K-8) and $7,500 (grades 9-12) to eligible students to attend participating private schools, based on either where they live or their family income.
– Job Placement Assistance


Affordable Apartment Rentals

Affordable Homes/Co-ops


Job Opportunities


Kosher Food Availability

Kosher Dining

Low Taxes


Retirement/Senior Living

Special Needs/Disability Resources

Tuition Vouchers/Rebates

Yeshiva Elementary Day School

Yeshiva High School

Participated in Fair 2013, 2017, 2019, 2022
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Columbus has an active NCSY chapter, headed by
(), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 614-800-7712 Visit Web Site