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Penn Wynne was rated #4 for 2021 in Best Places to Live in America ( This rating references the housing affordability, the low/negligible crime rate, and the family life positive environment in Penn Wynne. The Penn Wynne neighborhood is part of Lower Merion Township, near Philadelphia. Our neighborhood/town includes Orthodox preschools, elementary and high schools, yeshivot, and Kollels. Classes/shiurim for adults are plentiful. Close to Penn Wynne is a women’s and a men’s mikvah, kosher dining, and national food chains with extensive kosher sections (fish, fresh meat, bakeries, deli, prepared foods).

Congregation Beth Hamedrosh (CBH), a vibrant and diverse Orthodox synagogue, anchors the community. CBH offers a full complement of programming and learning including “Shabbos in the Park” for the children. A new addition on the lawn is a mini playground for young children. Within our extensive eruv are moderately priced homes (starting at $300K in Penn Wynne and $200K in Overbrook Park/Philadelphia). CBH has relationships with real estate agents and a title insurance lawyer. CBH’s Rabbi Gross works closely with the schools; as illustrated above by the Kohelet Yeshiva photo of the sefer Torah completion.

Penn Wynne/ Lower Merion Township is 20 minutes from Center City, the downtown business district of Philadelphia, and from the Philadelphia International Airport, Amtrak, the zoo, museums, and sports arenas.

Synagogue members are available for networking for jobs. Several medical school affiliated hospitals, drug companies, hi-tech firms, and universities are within a 30-minute drive.

We’d love to have you visit and can arrange hospitality for you.


• Free synagogue membership for the first-year.

• Limited grants exist, if specific criteria are met, up to $20K towards the purchase of a home in Penn Wynne or Overbrook Park to families who agree to fulfill specific shul responsibilities to promote the growth of the shul.


● Affordable Apartment Rentals

● Affordable Homes/Co-ops

● Eruv

● Fresh fish deliveries, wine stores, catering for Shabbat and Chagim

● Job Opportunities

● Kollel

● Kosher Food Availability

● Kosher Dining

● Mikvah

● Yeshiva Elementary Day School

● Yeshiva High School

Participated in Fair 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022

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Penn Wynne/Philadelphia is served by an active Philadelphia NCSY chapter, headed by
Yitz Levi (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 410-358-6279 Visit Web Site


Yachad Region Contact Information: 212.613.8229 11 Broadway, 13th Floor
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