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Welcome to the vibrant Orthodox communities of Greater Boston!

In the early 20th century the Orthodox Jewish community moved from Boston into the nearby communities of Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, Malden, Newton, and Sharon. Today, those communities offer you a choice of lifestyle from cities, to suburban cities to a rural suburb.

The communities all support the same Orthodox day schools and yeshivas which are centrally located in Brookline. A number of toddler and pre-K programs are available in each community. There are 4 elementary/middle schools and 4 high school (co-ed high school, girls high school, and two yeshiva high schools for boys).

Kosher food is readily available in all communities at kosher supermarkets, public supermarkets and bakeries along with a number of kosher caterers and our own Va’ad HaKashrut, the KVH, under the Rabbinical Council of New England. There are currently 5 kosher restaurants in Brookline with something for everyone from Chinese to Vegetarian and everything in between.

Greater Boston is among the top 10 High-Tech centers in the U.S. and employment growth is high compared to national averages. It’s also one of the world’s best-known academic hubs with more than 45 universities and colleges.

Within an hour, you can reach countless cultural and recreational opportunities and some of the best sports teams on earth! Please give us a call! We’d love to answer your questions, invite you for a Shabbos and introduce you to our communities!

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Boston is served by an active Greater Boston NCSY chapter, headed by
Rabbi Yudi Riesel (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 551-265-6141 Visit Region Web Site


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