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Upgrade your quality of life down here in Atlanta and enjoy our active communal feel, beautiful parks and surroundings, milder winters, and thriving city. Come see how our city blends Southern charm with cosmopolitan sophistication.

Our economy is robust with major corporate headquarters such as Home Depot, Coca Cola, UPS, Turner Broadcasting, Delta and many others. Our 4 OU-affiliated shuls are within close proximity to leading academic and medical institutions such as Emory University, Center for Disease Control, Shepherd Center, Grady Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Georgia Tech. We are close to telecom and corporate powerhouses including COX, Cisco, AT&T, and IBM. Atlanta boasts one of the largest and most efficient airports in the country. It’s no wonder Atlanta is America’s #1 moving destination for the 6th year straight!

Atlanta has 5 Orthodox schools with all styles of learning, including an infant through 12th grade Modern Orthodox school, a Montessori school, and yeshiva elementary and high schools. All kinds of children’s programming keep our youth engaged out of the classroom. Daily learning opportunities are available for men and women, as well as annual community wide family events like the Atlanta Kosher BBQ Bake Off or Toco Hills Purim Parade.

The supermarkets and Costco all have kosher delis and bakeries; we have 8 kosher restaurants, and kosher take-out stores.

Affordable homes start at $450K/rentals-$2400), apartments (2 Bedroom luxury start at $1800), and condos are available. Property taxes are very low!

Come on down, Y’all! Experience Southern hospitality at its finest!


  • Affordable Homes/Co-ops

  • Eruv

  • Job Opportunities

  • Kollel

  • Kosher Food Availability

  • Kosher Dining

  • Low Taxes

  • Mikvah

  • Tuition Vouchers/Rebates

  • Yeshiva Elementary Day School

  • Yeshiva High School

Participated in Fair 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022


Atlanta has an active NCSY chapter, headed by
Rabbi Chaim Neiditch (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. (404) 486-8787 Visit Web Site

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