Milwaukee, WI United States

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What Are You Thinking …?

When you think of where you want to live and raise a family, do you think of…

Shul communities to choose from that offer Modern Orthodoxy, Centrist Orthodoxy, Chasidic/Yeshivish and Chabad?  Where you can experience Torah communities of all flavors that co-exist, celebrate together, support and help one another?

Think Milwaukee.

Living surrounded by natural beauty? (Lake Michigan, award winning parks, the Milwaukee river, beautiful wooded areas, small lake homes and numerous beaches),

Think Milwaukee.

Two flourishing Orthodox day schools, two wonderful girls high schools, two boys high schools and a world class Yeshiva, FREE Day School Tuition!*, a great community Kollel, 11 Orthodox minyanim, four different eruvin,  four mikvah locations, a great JCC, a strong Federation, places to eat out and buy kosher food?

Think Milwaukee.

Beautiful home at affordable prices, less traffic, beaches, friendly neighbors, clean streets, a place where traffic is the exception and not the rule?

Think Milwaukee.

A city with an amazing zoo, great museums, attractions, history, storied sports franchises, fun things to do in good weather and bad?

Think Milwaukee.

A quieter, slower-paced life in a place with everything you need to raise your Jewish family.             

Then Think Milwaukee again.

It’s a wonderful place to raise a family.

Participated in Fair 2013, 2015
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Milwaukee has an active NCSY chapter, headed by
(), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. Visit Region Web Site