Silicon Valley – Palo Alto, CA United States

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Silicon Valley – The Best Place for a Jewish Mind.

Nestled in and around the Santa Clara Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley is the focal point of the high-tech world. Employment opportunities abound within our thousands of tech companies, national and international law firms as well as Stanford University and other institutions of higher education.

The Jewish community, centered around South Peninsula Hebrew Day School, features Synagogues, Kosher markets and eateries, mikvaot, and an eruv.

Surrounded by views of the Santa Cruz mountains, myriad parks, beaches and outdoor recreation, we boast the perfect spring day almost 365 days a year.

Come see what we have to offer. Learn more about the Silicon Valley Jewish Community here!

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Palo Alto is served by an active East Bay NCSY chapter, headed by
Akiva Naiman (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 510-882-1503 Visit Region Web Site