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West Hartford offers the best of both worlds: warm and inviting small-town feel, coupled with all the amenities of a big city and Jewish community just 2 hours from NYC and 1.5 hours from Boston.

3 BR homes within the eruv (with spacious backyards) start at $240K, with apartments and rentals also available near our shuls. Our cost of living is low, while salaries remain competitive with major metropolitan centers.

Job opportunities are abundant across all sectors including our massive medical field (5 separate hospital systems), rich academic circles (9+ institutions of higher learning within easy commute), growing hi-tech and aerospace engineering fields, and of course, the insurance capital of the world, all right next door.

Average commute time? 7 minutes, 12 minutes with traffic. Not too bad, right?

Our community boasts a rich and diverse Jewish life with vibrant shuls, strong adult educational opportunities, a wealth of social programs and a robust Jewish communal infrastructure: JCC, Jewish Federation, mikveh, eruv, vaad and so much more. Let’s not forget plenty of Kosher food! Multiple bakeries, two delis, 2 cafes, 3 takeout places, pizza, sushi and the works.

Our stellar New England Jewish Academy (Nursery-12th grade Orthodox school in West Hartford) boasts the most competitive tuition initiative in the country.

The metro-Hartford region hosts the nation’s oldest art museum, over a dozen regional theaters, a cutting-edge children’s science museum, and wonderful hiking and biking trails minutes from town. With lots of parks and activities for families, fun and lifelong memories are moments away. Connecticut has wonderful outdoor activities all four seasons!


• New England Jewish Academy Tuition Initiative:

$6,000 for K-1, $8,500 for 2-5, $10,500 for 6-8 and $13,000 for 9-12. Additional need-based aid also


• Discounted Shul Memberships

• Job Search Assistance

• Kosher Nursing Home


• Affordable Apartment Rentals

• Affordable Homes/Co-ops

• Eruv

• Job Search Assistance

• Kosher Food Availability

• Mikvah

• Retirement/Senior Living

• Tuition Vouchers/Rebates

• Yeshiva Elementary Day School

• Yeshiva High School

Participated in Fair 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022

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West Hartford is served by an active Greater Hartford NCSY chapter, headed by
Moshe Warren (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. Visit Region Web Site

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