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White Oak, PA is a small, friendly, intimate, and virtually traffic-less town!  Located just 20 minutes from Pittsburgh, it is the community you’ve been looking for.  Newcomers and old timers are warmly embraced and made to feel at home right from the start. We’re only 2½ hours from Cleveland, 3½ hours from Baltimore and 6 hours from New York.  Please check us out!

White Oak is suburbia at its best. Surrounded by greenery, you can find a decent-sized house for as low as $125,000.  Crime is almost non-existent, and tax rates are very low. There are two Orthodox day schools in Pittsburgh with free door-to-door bus service and reasonable tuition rates.  Jobs are plentiful all around, especially in the medical field, world famous top universities and national banks.  The commutes are easy, with even Waze telling you to take the Parkway (highway) at the peak of rush hour.

The medical system is one of the top in the country with Children’s Hospital being one of the best around.  Within half an hour you can be at numerous entertainment venues, such as the Carnegie Science Center, the PPG Zoo and aquarium, Kennywood – a world class amusement park, The Children’s Museum, beautiful Phipps Conservatory, and much more!  There is lots of fantastic shopping just a short drive away as well.

Living in White Oak will up your quality of life without the expense, noise and pollution of the big city.  Come experience it for yourself!

Participated in Fair 2013, 2015, 2017
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White Oak is served by an active Pittsburgh NCSY chapter, headed by
Chaim Strassman (), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. 732-266-7266 Visit Web Site