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Fleetwood is a warm and welcoming Modern Orthodox community in Southern Westchester, minutes from New York City. Recently called “Westchester County’s Best Kept Secret” by The New York Times, Fleetwood offers the conveniences of city living set against the backdrop of the suburban tree-lined streets that make it the perfect place to raise a family.

Fleetwood boasts costs of living that are a fraction of other Westchester communities, featuring affordable options from rental apartments to homes starting around $550K. In addition to its established Housing Incentive, Fleetwood Synagogue now offers a new Rental Incentive program.

New York City is a simple train ride away. Fleetwood Synagogue is a 5-minute walk from Fleetwood’s Metro-North train station, where riders get to Grand Central within 30 minutes.

Fleetwood Synagogue offers Shabbat youth groups, daily minyanim, and communal events that have attracted many to the community.

Fleetwood’s proximity to Riverdale and New Rochelle affords residents kosher establishments and Mikvaot within easy reach, each 10-15 minutes away. Our community is also accessible to many Yeshivot, including SAR Academy, Westchester Day School, and Westchester Torah Academy.

Fleetwood provides the retail of urban settings within blocks of the shul. Without driving, residents have access to banks, urgent care, pharmacies, supermarkets, and dry cleaners.

Come learn more about our affordable community that combines Modern Orthodox amenities with the suburban perks of Westchester. With such an easy commute to New York City, everything in Fleetwood is at your fingertips.


  • Affordable Apartment Rentals

  • Affordable Homes/Co-ops

  • Eruv

  • Kosher Dining Availability

  • Kosher Food Availability

  • Yeshiva Elementary Day Schools

  • Walkable to Metro-North, easily accessible from multiple highways, walkable to retail options


  • Rental Incentive Program – financial gift towards rental expenses.

  • Housing Incentive Program – financial gift towards the purchase of a home.  

Participated in Fair 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022


Fleetwood is served by an active Westchester NCSY chapter, headed by
(), which runs public school clubs and social events for Jewish teens from all backgrounds. Visit Region Web Site

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