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About this community

Beth El Jacob, and Iowa, is serious about relocating you and your family to the wonderful community of Des Moines. Located in the heart of the Heartland, Des Moines offers a family focused lifestyle where the commute to the shul or to work takes minutes and not hours. Home prices are very affordable with the average 2,000 square foot home, within walking distance of the congregation can be found for well under $250,000. And jobs? The unemployment rate in Iowa (March – 2009) is 4.9%. A new survey (April – 2009) by ranks Iowa as the second happiest state in the Union, following only Nebraska. The Web site rated states on their financial health – unemployment rates, foreclosure rates, and non-mortgage debt compared to income. Our major employers tend to be in insurance, banking, medical, law and agribusiness. We have a dedicated individual, Terry Myers, who works with interested parties in helping them find employment. (See our website under Jobs/Employment.)