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Torah in the City: Indoors at Citi Field!

November 29, 2016

Q. What do Rabbi Mordechai Willig, Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer, Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Rabbi Hayyim Angel, Mrs. Rookie Billet, Rabbi David Fohrman, Rabbi Eli Mansour and Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau have in common?

A. They’ll all be appearing at Torah in the City: Indoors at Citi Field, a one-of-a-kind event scheduled for Sunday, January 15, at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets – but leave the long scarf and seat cushion at home because you’ll be warm and toasty inside at Citi Field‘s conference center! 

Throughout the day, the aforementioned – and numerous other speakers – will address a broad variety of topics in the areas of Tanach, halacha, hashkafa, daf yomi, Israel, and more. Others in this all-star lineup include regular OU Torah contributors and noteworthy OU personalities, including Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Rabbi Menachem Genack, Rabbi Steven Weil, Mr. Allen Fagin, Mrs. Shira Smiles, Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Mrs. Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt and Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen. (These are still just a fraction of the speakers for this unique event – see the full line-up here.)

Some of the many relevant topics of the day include: A Discussion About Conversion Controversies in Israel; Sources in the Torah for Religious Zionism; Birth Control and Family Planning; Living in Diaspora vs. Eretz Yisroel; Women and Torah Transmission; The Evolution of Torah Shebe’al Peh; and Is Biblical Judaism A Religion of Violence? As a special treat, you can learn daf yomi – and also how to teach daf yomi – from the masters, Rabbi Moshe Elefant and Rabbi Shalom Rosner! (Again, this is just a representative sample. You can see the whole program here.) 

If all that weren’t enough, Torah in the City: Indoors at Citi Field won’t break your budget! The program is only $18 a person until December 16 (then $25 until January 12 and $36 at the door). Get full information and sign up at – we’ll see you there!


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