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The Home Stretch

March 2, 2015, by

We’re in the final days before Purim and we’ve got some brand-new features on OU Holidays for you. First, OU Senior Managing Director Rabbi Steven Weil brings us Six Themes on Purim and the Megillah and Four More Themes on Purim and the Megillah. Then, Rabbi Moshe Schwerd shares an enlightening shiur on The Special […]

Esther, We Hardly Knew You…

February 18, 2015, by

…but now’s our chance to get to know you better! Megillas Esther is one of those Biblical Books we take for granted. Because we read it every year, we think we know it really well. In reality, there’s so much more beneath the surface. Here to peel back those layers is Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom, author […]

These Days of Purim Shall Not Cease From Among the Jews

February 10, 2015, by

Purim is not the most important day on the Jewish calendar. Certainly, the Biblical Festivals of Pesach, Succos and Shavuos are more integral to Jewish life, to say nothing of the “High Holy Days” of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. And yet it is Purim that we are promised will never cease, not even in […]

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (and Elsewhere!)

January 26, 2015, by

Tu b’Shevat is coming! And OU Holidays has the information you’ll need to get yourself in that Tu b’Shevat state of mind! Need some general background information to get you started? Start with Tu b’Shevat – New Year for the Trees and Four Rosh Hashanahs. Then, Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, author of The Jewish Ethicist […]

Laying Down the Law

January 14, 2015, by

Did you know that OU Torah has many series designed to help our audience improve their knowledge and practice of Jewish law? On Orach Chaim (mostly), the volume of Shulchan Aruch that deal with day-to-day life, there’s HaShoneh Halachos, featuring two halachos a day from the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. (This series is also available as […]

A Second Chance

January 3, 2015, by

The Talmud in Brachos (8a) tells us, “a person should always complete the reading of the weekly Torah portion with the congregation, twice from the mikra and once from the Targum.” Mikra means the text, i.e., the actual Torah account. Targum means the translation, referring to the Aramaic paraphrase of Onkelos. Nowadays, most authorities say […]

Just a (Jewish) Thought

December 9, 2014, by

There are lots of categories on OU Torah. There’s Parsha – the weekly Torah portion. There’s Nach – the rest of the Jewish Bible. There’s Gemara, focusing on Daf Yomi, the daily page of Talmud studied worldwide. (Did you know? You can access content on any page of the Talmud – it doesn’t have to […]

That Winter Holiday That Falls on the 25th

December 2, 2014, by

You all know the one we mean – Chanukah, which starts on the 25th of Kislev! (This year, that translates to the night of December 16.) Since Kislev began, we’ve been amping up Chanukah content on OU Holidays. Currently-featured articles include “The Message of the Chanukah Lights” by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, “Latkes and Donuts: ‘Oil’ […]

What’s the Truth?

November 18, 2014, by

There’s a saying that “conventional wisdom is often neither.” For example, “everyone knows” that we’re supposed to throw bread at tashlich on Rosh Hashana and that Jews with tattoos cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Except that, you know, neither of those things is true. (In fact, since tashlich is supposed to be performed […]

When Does He Sleep?

October 23, 2014, by

There’s an old saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Well, somehow, beyond all the limitations of a 24-hour day, Rabbi Shalom Rosner has managed to do it again! Rabbi Rosner is one of the most popular and most prolific contributors to OU Torah. Among the ongoing series he provides are Daf […]