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Orthodox Union

Edited Embryos, Designer Babies: Are They Kosher?

December 8, 2016, by

Rabbi Gideon Weitzman, Director of the Puah Institute in the US and the Head of the English Speaking Section of the Puah Institute for Fertility and Medicine in Accordance with Halacha in Israel, will be speaking on January 15, 2017 at the OU’s Torah in the City event, indoors at Citi Field, on ‘Halacha: Are Edited Embryos Kosher? […]

Top Ten Rabbi Fohrman Videos You Must See

December 8, 2016, by

If you haven’t yet discovered Rabbi David Fohrman’s Aleph-Beta Academy, you’re in for a treat today. Rabbi Fohrman’s innovative videos offer brilliant takes on Tanach and our holidays that may just change your life. Come hear Rabbi Fohrman’s  Torah in person this January 15 at Torah in the City; register today! 10. Understanding Rachel’s World – THIS WEEK’S […]

Birth Control: What’s the Halacha?

December 7, 2016, by

Family planning in halakha has been a major debate for Orthodox Jews for centuries. Join Rabbi Mordechai Willig and Mrs. Rookie Billet for their shiurim on this topic on January 15 — and get a headstart with this shiur by Rabbi Moshe Elefant on the subject.

Women and Torah Transmission

December 6, 2016, by

Did you know that Jewish women have been central, over the centuries, in printing Hebrew texts? Jewish history shows that women have been deeply involved in scholarly typography since the 16th century. Read Eli Genauer’s article from Jewish Action’s winter 2016 issue: ‘I Have Also Engaged in This Work of Heaven”: The Vital Contribution of Women to […]

Is Aliyah a Mitzvah?

December 5, 2016, by

Rabbi Shalom Rosner will be speaking on January 15, 2017 at the OU’s Torah in the City event, indoors at Citifield, on ‘Living in Diaspora vs. Eretz Yisroel: What is a Good Jew to Do?‘ Start studying this contentious subject with Rabbi Avi Zakutinsky’s analysis below: We are all aware of the terrible sin of the Meraglim […]

When We Obsess Over Chumros, Do We Forget About the Real Thing?

December 1, 2016, by

Israeli Chief Rabbi David Lau offered a powerful message about the importance of prioritizing in life, in conversation with South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein: A Jew from Jerusalem once told me that in 1976, as a young yeshiva student, he knew there was a very important posek in Jerusalem who is the expert on etrogim, and who can determine whether your etrog […]

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