Responses to Parsha Questions

March 9, 2023

Behaaloscha Answers:

Answers to Warm-up Questions: From the Parsha
  1. 1. The Leviim, in the process of them becoming purified to be able to do their avoda. (8:7) 2. Miriam, who had tzarass. (12:10)
  2. Pesach Sheni. The people who were tamei said “Lama Nigara” (why should we lose out on the  mitzva of Korban Pesach) so Moshe asked Hashem and the mitzva of Pesach Sheni was subsequently given to the nation. (9:6-11)
  3. On the 20th of Iyar after arriving there the year before, on the 1st of Sivan. (10:11)
  4. The Kohanim blew the trumpets when the nation was assembled, when the Nissiam  would gather, or when the camps would travel. (10:8)
  5. Eldad and Meidad (11:28)
  6. At least 10 Chamarim of meat! (11:32)
  7. Humility. (12:3)

Answers to More Challenging Questions: From Rashi

  1. Yes. (as opposed to regular Korban Pesach)  So long as the person eating the Korban Pesach does not have it while eating the korban. (Rashi 9:10)
  2. Because the previous elders were killed in the fire of Hashem (10:1) at the edge of the camp. (Rashi 11:16)
  3. 1. The Menorah, out of gold (8:4, Rashi)  2. The Trumpets, out of silver (10:2, Rashi)
  4. They assumed that Moshe was a regular Navi &therefore criticized him. What they realized was that Moshe, unlike other Naviim, was constantly in the presence of the shechina so he needed to always be in a state of purity. Therefore, Moshe had to permanently separate from his wife. (Rashi 12:4)
  5. Loading load the wagons, closing the gates, and singing shira.(Rashi 8:25)
  6. The tribe of Dan. The possuk (10:25) calls them “the gatherers for all the camps”, which Rashi explains that because they were numerous, they were in the back of the camp and would return any items that were left behind.
  7. The Aron that held the broken Luchos! (10:33, Rashi says that there were 2 Arons; See Ramban Devarim 10:5)

Answers to Parshas Naso Bonus Questions

1)      What nefarious trick could a woman use to receive a child? Who threatened to try this?

A woman could set herself up to be a Sotah by secluding herself with a man that her husband warned her against not being with and after her innocence is proven through drinking the bitter water she would end up being blessed with a child. (5:28, Rashi) The gemara in Brachos 31b says that Chana so badly wanted a child that she “threatened” Hahsem that she would force him to give her a child by becoming a Sotah.

2)      Which 7 different beverages are mentioned in the parsha?

1. Oil (5:15)

2. Water (5:17)

3. “Bitter waters” (with dirt and scrolls mixed in) (5:24)

4. Wine (6:3)

5. “Beer” (other alcoholic beverages)  (6:3)

6. Vinegar of wine (6:3)

7. Vinegar of other hard drinks (6:3)

3)      Besides for in our parsha by a Sotah, when else in Tanach was “אמן, אמן” recited? When else do we recite a prayer that contains a double Amen?

a) In Nechemia (8:6) after Ezra read the Torah on Rosh Hashana and blessed Hashem publicly, the entire nation responded “אמן, אמן”.

b) We say in Pesukei D’zimra “Baruch Hashem L’olam Amen V’amen. At a siyum the M’sayem says “Amen Amen Sela V’aed”. (*If someone hears 2 brachos and wants to say Amen to both he says “Amen V’amen”.)