Rabbi Steven Weil

OU Press Announces New Publication: Coming of Age: An Anthology of Divrei Torah for Bar and Bat Mitzvah

July 12, 2012

OU Press announces the publication of Coming of Age: An Anthology of Divrei Torah for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, the third and final volume in the popular Simcha Trilogy, collections of Torah thoughts for significant life-cycle events, edited by OU Past President Dr. Mandell Ganchrow.

Coming of Age presents a wide variety of engaging, thought-provoking ideas from prominent thinkers and scholars, serving as a refreshing potpourri of different literary styles and analytical methods. Each Torah thought celebrates the excitement of becoming a bar or bat mitzvah — of embracing a lifetime of mitzvah-observance and service to God.

The first volume of the Simcha Trilogy addresses Sheva Brachot and the second volume features thoughts appropriate for a Brit Milah. In the style of the preceding volumes, ideas within Coming of Age are arranged according to the weekly Torah portion. Each essay lends itself easily and naturally to a five-to-ten-minute long speech at a bar or bat mitzvah celebration. Find out more here.