Board Engagement

OU Board Recommendations Request

May 4, 2022

The Orthodox Union’s Nominating and Board Resource Committee is reaching out to its constituency for recommendations for Officers, Directors and Governors of the Orthodox Union. These important positions are for 2 years and require qualified individuals committed to the goals of the OU and who want to be involved with the OU on a national basis. The election will be held at the Biennial Convention in December 2022 or January 2023.

The Nominating and Board Resource Committee is looking for a broad representation of qualified individuals to help guide and shape the OU in all its endeavors. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for the right people to get involved. Meetings are held six times a year and are conducted in person and on Zoom. This way, no one is limited by where they live. According to the OU Constitution, Officers and Directors are expected to make meaningful annual gifts, and encourage others to make meaningful annual gifts, to the Orthodox Union and its programs.

We would appreciate your suggestions and input. Please fill out the attached form for each person being recommended and return it (via email, or fax 212.613.8351) to Hannah Farkas by June 30, 2020. Obviously, we cannot guarantee the ultimate outcome of the Nominating Committee’s recommendations.

Board Member Recommendation Form 2022

Please complete this confidential form to the best of your ability for anyone that you wish to nominate for consideration by the Nominating and Board Resource Committee.
  • Employment Information

  • Lay Experience

  • What positions held and when?