Rabbi Steven Weil

Not Only That…

July 21, 2011

OU’s NJCD/Yachad has a full complement of Summer Programs designed to meet the special needs of members of our community. This summer, Yachad is celebrating the most successful season of inclusive camping in its history. 77 Yachad campers and 37 vocational Yachad workers have participated in programs at five different camps: Camp Nesher, Camp Moshava, Camp Mesorah, Camp Lavi and Camp Morasha. The Getaway adult vacation program had 25 participants, while a new program called Getaway Travel spent a week touring the upstate New York Niagara area with 20 Yachad participants. In addition to all that, the perennial favorite Yad b’Yad program in Israel has enrolled 75 participants. All told, 182 Yachad participants have been enjoying a unique summer experience with close to 100 staff members. Kudos to all who have participated to making these programs the success they are!