Rabbi Steven Weil

NCSY and SKA to Berlin

June 2, 2011

A dozen high school girls from New York NCSY and the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls spent a week with peers at the Lauder Yeshurun Midrasha Berlin. The program was spearheaded by Regional Director Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, who had previously brought students to work with the Lauder Foundation as part of NCSY’s JOLTSummer Program.

Said Rabbi Lightstone, “Any time there is an opportunity to meet peers who have arrived where they have socially, religiously and educationally in different ways than our teens have, the net result is always a win-win.”

SKA teacher Leah Pariser, herself an NCSY alumna, said that the Midrasha Berlin students and the visiting Americans “had so much to offer to each other. Each side taught the other how to be moser nefesh for Torah. One of my students commented on the first day, ‘I thought we came here to do kiruv, but we’re getting the kiruv!'”

You can read more about this trip here.