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NCSY Public School Yarchei Kallah 2012

December 28, 2012

Yarchei Kallah is one of those events that always blows me away.  Once a year I get to learn and teach Public School NCSY’ers who have chosen to use their winter break to learn Torah.  This year there are over 270 kids and it is now 1am on Friday morning and the Beis Medrash is still abuzz, the kumsitz is rocking and I know that Hashem is smiling.  All is good with the Jewish people at least for tonight as Hashem’s children are loving his Torah, many for the first time and definitely for the rest of their lives.  A handful of Alumni visited this year.  Make sure to arrange with myself or Rabbi Marchuck to visit next year it will be the highlight of your year, I know it is mine!