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Mazal Tov to the First Ever National NCSY “Imagine” Chinese Auction Winners!

March 22, 2011

Recently we concluded our first ever National NCSY Chinese Auction. Thanks so much for your participation and support! I want to wish a personal congratulations to each of the winners, listed by prize category below.

Grand Prize Winner of Torah or $18,000: Bella Jacobs of Monsey, NY!!!

Split the Pot: Jeremy Simons of New York City

Trip for 5 to Israel: Danielle & Ari Schertz of Woodmere, NY

Kosher Cruise: Drs Michael & Steni Cram of Monsey, NY

Miami Vacation: Chaim Diskind of Rochester, NY

European Vacation: Salomao Feintuch of Brighton, MA

L.A. Celebrity Shopping Spree: Miriam Ankri of Baltimore, MD

N.Y. Shopping Trip: Charlie & Dinah Harari of Woodmere, NY

California Vacation: Isaac Dayan of N.Y.

Disney Trip for 4: Henny Chekenow of Kew Gardens, NY

IPA Mission to Washington: Shalom & Iris Maidenbaum of Lawrence, NY

Car/Van Makeover: Miriam Turk of Brooklyn, NY

Diamond/Jewelry Makeover: Sammy Baritz

Silver Makeover: Rebecca Katz of Teaneck, NJ

Dinning Room Makeover: Ron Yaish of Bergenfield, NJ

Living Room Makeover: Joel Mael of Lawrence, NY

Kitchen Makeover: Lolly Lamb of Brooklyn, NY

Outdoor Makeover: Yehuda Oratz of Baltimore, MD

High Tech Makeover: Rebecca Katz of Teaneck, NJ

Artscroll Shas: Sari Weiss of Brooklyn, NY

Gates of Jerusalem Haggadah: Joel Mael of Lawrence, NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Best Buy: Mendy Erez of the Lower East Side of NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Costco: Susan Christina of Boca Raton, FL

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Target: Neil & Betty Cohen of West Hempstead, NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Toys R Us: Linda Hanniford of Brooklyn, NY

$1,000 Gift Certificate to Macy's: Susan Engelstein of Engelwood, NY

NCSY Summer Camp Program: Rebecca Spero of Baltimore, MD

Camp Morasha: Gittel Gold of Brooklyn, NY

Camp Stone: Rhonda Epstein of NC

Earrings: Morris Elman of NY

OU Press Package: Meir Lipschitz of Ocean City, NY

Baby Package: Rochelle Abramovitz of Queens, NY

Jackpot: Linda Hanniford of Brooklyn, NY

Mazal Tov and hope you enjoy your winnings!