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Orthodox Union

Shabbat Shalom? Shavua Tov!

September 27, 2017, by

Big news! Do you enjoy the OU’s weekly Shabbat Shalom email, which comes at the end of each week? If so, OU Torah has something new that may add to that enjoyment. Introducing Shavua Tov, the OU Torah weekly email! “Shavua Tov” – literally, “Good week!” – is the traditional post-Shabbos greeting (along with its […]

New Year, New Shiur

September 18, 2017, by

Rosh Hashana 5778 is almost upon us and as we make the transition into a new year, OU Torah is thrilled to be able to offer a wide variety of new series to enhance your Torah-learning opportunities! Some of these have already started and others are still to be revealed, so we’ll just bring you […]

Averting Hurricane Irma: The Power of Prayer

September 7, 2017, by

This is a very unusual edition of The Torah Blog. As you are no doubt aware, Houston is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey (read about how New Jersey NCSY went down to help here and see how you can help here!). As I write this, Hurricane Irma is battering Puerto Rico and […]

100 Brachos a Day – A New OU Torah Miniseries!

August 30, 2017, by

Following the success of the recent miniseries on Shiva,  OU Torah is pleased to present another six-part series regarding an important (albeit largely neglected) facet of Jewish life. 100 Brachos a Day by OU Torah editor Rabbi Jack Abramowitz focuses on practical issues regarding the titular obligation. The first installment, The Origin, was posted on August 30, […]

The Solar Eclipse: Timely!

August 18, 2017, by

We have a total solar eclipse coming up this Monday, August 21. This is really a once in a lifetime occurrence. Because the moon’s orbit is elliptical, its shadow often misses the Earth. Even when it hits the Earth, because our planet’s surface is 75% water, eclipses are likely to be visible only from the […]

Daf in Halacha Returns!

August 3, 2017, by

Regular listeners no doubt noticed that the popular Daf in Halacha series, provided by our friends at the Bais HaVaad Halacha Center, was conspicuously absent from tractate Baba Basra. The reason for this was … I ‘unno. Just sometimes things go awry. But, in case you haven’t noticed, Daf in Halacha is back for tractate […]

Double Your Daf HaShavua

July 25, 2017, by

Last week was a banner week for those who study the daf, whether by the week or by the day. Daf Yomi (the daily daf) started tractate Sanhedrin, with shiurim by Rabbi Moshe Elefant and Rabbi Shalom Rosner. As luck would have it, Rabbi Yosef Grossman is currently teaching the first chapter of Sanhedrin in Talmud Yerushalmi, […]

New Miniseries Sheds Light on Shiva

July 14, 2017, by

OU Torah is pleased to announce a new miniseries designed to enlighten readers as to the intense week of mourning for deceased relatives in Jewish law. Shiva by OU Torah Editor Rabbi Jack Abramowitz is a six-part series that will roll out at the rate of one installment per week starting on Friday, July 14, […]

What’s New on OU Torah?

July 3, 2017, by

Following are some recent developments in OU Torah that we thought people might appreciate hearing about: ******************************* The OU’s Nach Yomi has just started sefer Iyov (the book of Job). This sefer is taught by Rabbi Eric Levy, a renowned educator who has delivered shiurim for a number of sefarim in Nach Yomi and a […]

Start Hilchos Shabbos with Mishnah Brurah Yomi

June 28, 2017, by

Since March, 2015, Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD, has delivered a popular daily shiur called Mishnah Brurah Yomi, working through the Chofetz Chaim’s classic work of practical halacha at the rate of a page a day. (Actually, there are five shiurim per week, as two days are reserved for review, which is an integral component […]