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Orthodox Union

The Time is NOW!

April 29, 2014, by

We previously told you about Rabbi Yosef Grossman’s shiur on Talmud Yerushalmi, the Jerusalem Talmud. But did you know that the Yerushalmi has a daily cycle, just like daf yomi for the Bavli (the Babylonian Talmud)? Well, it does! And did you know that this cycle just started again? Well, it did! What this means […]

What, Women and Tefillin AGAIN?

April 4, 2014, by

I know we discussed this in The Torah Blog before but what can I tell you? It’s what the people want to know about! “I am told that in Boston there is a group of young Orthodox students, all girls, who are highly concerned about their role in Judaism, and have decided to pray every […]

Are You Listening?

March 24, 2014, by

In all likelihood, you have fulfilled your obligation in some mitzvah (probably many mitzvos) by responding “amen” to someone else’s recitation. This is based on the halachic principle of “shomeiah k’onah,” that hearing something is as if one did it himself. But how does that work? Is it as if one actually said it or […]

Peter Lanza, Don’t Blame Yourself

March 11, 2014, by

Yesterday, Peter Lanza, father of Sandy Hook Elementary shooter Adam Lanza, said that he wished his son had never been born. This is an understandable sentiment, and one I’m sure many share, but Peter Lanza misses the mark in blaming himself for his son’s actions. I will illustrate with a story from the Book of […]

Oh, Happy Day!

March 10, 2014, by

Did you know that OU Torah has a sister site named OU Holidays? Look up: there it is in the bar at the top of the page, the tab just to the right of Torah. Have you checked it out? What you’ll find at OU Holidays is just what the name suggests – facts about […]

The Other Talmud

March 6, 2014, by

When we say “the Talmud,” we usually mean the Talmud Bavli, AKA the Babylonian Talmud. This we cover quite thoroughly through our Daf Yomi and related series. But did you know that there’s another Talmud? The Talmud Yerushalmi, AKA the Jerusalem Talmud, was completed perhaps 150 years earlier than the Bavli. While the Bavli is […]

Great Teachers of OU Torah (#2 in a Series) – Rabbi Shalom Rosner

February 25, 2014, by

Rabbi Rosner, who received semicha from RIETS, taught in YU’s Stone Beis Medrash Program. He also served as mara d’asra of Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok in Woodmere, NY prior to making aliyah in 2008. At OU Torah, he is responsible for a number of popular series. On parsha, Rabbi Rosner delivers the aptly-named series Rabbi […]

How Many Mitzvos are You Doing RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

February 17, 2014, by

Most mitzvos can only be performed at certain times. You can stuff your face with matzah all year long but it’s only a mitzvah at the seder. Blowing a shofar doesn’t accomplish anything if you do it on Chanukah. Even mitzvos that are not time-bound apply only under certain conditions. For example, you can only […]

Timely and Relevant!

February 11, 2014, by

Have you been enjoying Rabbi Ari Kahn on Parsha? Well, did you know that Rabbi Kahn also has not one, not two, but THREE series of shiurim on OU Torah, covering halacha (Jewish law), machshava (Jewish thought) and Aggadah (the non-legal portions of the Talmud). In Rabbi Ari Kahn on Halacha, Rabbi Kahn addresses such […]