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Orthodox Union

You’re Hired!

May 26, 2011, by

Ever since the economy turned a few years back, the OU Job Board has been one of the busiest offices in the organization, providing essential services and hosting the most heavily-trafficked section of the OU web site. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that 16 candidates were hired on the spot at the recent OU Job Board Staten Island […]

NJCD/Yachad 25th Annual Family Shabbaton

May 19, 2011, by

Last weekend, NJCD/Yachad hosted their 25th Annual Family Shabbaton at the Hudson Valley Resort in Kerhonkson, NY. Appropriately enough, there were 613 people in attendance, including more than 100 Yachad participants. The annual Family Shabbaton provides the parents and siblings of special-needs individuals with support groups, networking, and individual time with caring professionals, who are leaders in the field. […]

Professionals Gather to Confer Kosher

May 19, 2011, by

Earlier this week, OU Kosher held its annual Mashgiach Conference at the Renaissance Ballroom in Boro Park. The conference brought together over 125 Rabbis from headquarters and from the field in order to learn about the latest in the realm of OU Kosher as well as to network, exchange information, and enjoy each other’s company. The informative […]

OU Reps Guests at White House Reception

May 19, 2011, by

This week, representatives of the OU attended a reception at The White House hosted byPresident Obama in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month. Among the guests from theOU were IPA chair Yehuda Neuberger, IPA Director Nathan Diament and OU KosherCEO Rabbi Menachem Genack. (Other noteworthy attendees included Ambassador Michael Oren, Supreme Court Justices Breyer and Ginsburg, YU president Richard Joel and the incomparable Elie Wiesel.) In his remarks, […]

NY NCSY Basketball Tournament Tops 1,000

May 12, 2011, by

The fifth annual New York NCSY Community-Wide Basketball Tournament, held on Sunday, May 1, drew a crowd in excess of 1,000. The tournament featured both 5-on-5 and over 30 3-on-3 games held at gyms around the Five Towns, including HAFTR, SKA, DRS, Rambam, Life Fitness, and Lawrence High School. According to New York NCSY Regional Director Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, the […]

The Longest Month

May 12, 2011, by

NAIM – Yachad‘s North American Inclusion Month – may be long over, but its impact continues. Mr. Aaron Kinderlehrer Chair of the OU’s NJCD/Yachad Commission, recently traveled to Stamford, CT for a Shabbos “good will mission.” Mr. Kinderlehrer addressed a capacity crowd at Congregation Agudas Sholom on “Special Needs, Special People, Special Effects.” This sermon, about the OU, Yachad and […]

The Big News

May 5, 2011, by

Of course, the big news these days is the death of the rasha Osama bin Laden, ys”v. Nathan Diament, Director of the OU’s Institute for Public Affairs, was asked by the Washington Post to comment on the morality of rejoicing over such an occurrence. His thoughtful response can be read here

“Shylock, Shakespeare, and the Jews: Antisemitism in the Merchant of Venice”

May 5, 2011, by

“Shylock, Shakespeare, and the Jews: Antisemitism in the Merchant of Venice” May 05, 2011 Prior to Pesach, I participated in a panel entitled “Shylock, Shakespeare, and the Jews: Antisemitism in the Merchant of Venice” at The Museum of Jewish Heritage. Also participating in the discussion were Barry Edelstein, who has directed The Merchant of Venice at The Public […]

Team OU Staff Highlight

April 28, 2011, by

Anthony has been with the OU for 28 years, or as Anthony puts it, “more than 10,000 days.” His trip to the OU was an unusual one to say the least. Anthony started as a part-time envelope stuffer. (Back in the day, rather than use a mailing house, Anthony’s boss would bring the mail home […]