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Orthodox Union

Hilarious and relatable, OU Kosher Marketing Director Phyllis Koegel has you interested and entertained, all the while keeping you in the ever-expanding “OU-certified” loop. Check in whenever you’re taking a break – but never, ever when you’re hungry.

The Kosher Connection

October 21, 2020, by

They used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – today it’s everyone. And the UAE has morphed this to even greater heights to […]

Lab-Grown Meat The Controversy

November 20, 2017, by

Unless you have vegetarian tendencies, there is a good chance you enjoy a juicy, flame-broiled steak. The caramelized results of the Maillard reaction, which gives browned food its distinctive flavor, […]

Not Your Bubby’s Wine

June 1, 2015, by

Hip, edgy, and the only of its kind on the shelves, Ralph’s company L’Chaim Kosher Wine is definitely not your Bubby’s wine, but it’s certainly worthy of her table. Phrases […]

Tokyo Goes Kosher

December 29, 2014, by

A first restaurant with an official kashrut certificate is set to open in Japan’s capital city next week. The restaurant, called “Chana’s Place,” is located in the Chabad House in […]