Rabbi Steven Weil

Ben Zakkai Honor Society Reception

February 3, 2011

This past weekend was the annual Ben Zakkai Honor Society Reception. For those of you unfamiliar with Ben Zakkai, it is the honor society of NCSY alumni. They raise money to assist NCSYers with attending Summer Programs, Yarchei Kallah, yeshiva or seminary in Israel, and more. This year’s reception was something truly special. Aside from the fact that it was in memory of Dr. Bernard Lander, president of Touro College and a vice president of the OU, it also honored two extraordinary couples on 50 years of involvement with NCSY:Rabbi Zev and Rivkah Leff and Dr. David and Vivian Luchins. – NCSY alumni all!

By all measures, the Ben Zakkai reception was a resounding success and it raised over $180,000 to assist NCSYers with furthering their Jewish growth and development. Many people contributed to making the event the unforgettable achievement that it was. A not-exhaustive list of thank you’s would include events coordinator Elaine Grossman, graphic designer Raizy Rosenfeld, and NCSY/Ben Zakkai liaison Devorah Becker, among others who worked long hours and through record-breaking snowfalls. The staff were truly moseir nefesh to accomplish all goals above and beyond any reasonable expectations.

A fascinating article about the honorees can be found in the OU’s Shabbat Shalom. We thank them for their enduring support of NCSY on every conceivable level.