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Zvi Volk

Zvi Volk is a staff writer in the OU Communications Department based in Jerusalem. He grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC and attended Indiana University. After graduation he came to Israel and then went back to Indiana for graduate school. He has worked as a writer and editor for the US Department of State, the IDF Spokesman's Office and several high tech companies. An avid bicyclist, he made aliyah by bicycle in the mid-1970s. He still participates in an annual five-day charity bicycle ride.

Tu B’Shevat at Makom Balev in Rehovot: Fruit, Divrei Torah and Pizza

February 3, 2015, by

There are two sides to Rehovot (population 114,000). The side that is well known includes the Weizmann Institute of Science, home of three Nobel Prize winners, and the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture. The neighborhood of Ushiot (“foundations”) is on the other side of town. It’s a Project Renewal neighborhood. It’s the kind of neighborhood […]

Sigd: Holiday Celebrates Ethiopian Aliyah

November 24, 2014, by

Stav Mevrata was nine months old when her family arrived in Israel from Ethiopia. She is the eighth of nine children. Today she is 18 and is a sherut leumi (national service) volunteer with OU Israel’s Makom Balev program that operates 11 youth centers in development towns around the country. One of the stories her parents […]

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