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Rabbi David Felsenthal

Rabbi David Felsenthal

Tribute to Frank Nutis

January 25, 2010, by

I'm going to Columbus tomorrow and for the first time in the 15 years since I've know him, I won't be sharing a Dvar Torah with Frank. However if I was, I'd start off by sharing what my son said at our table last Friday night because I know he'd enjoy it. I always call […]

Rabbi Lightstone Share’s A NY NCSY Story

December 16, 2009, by

I wanted to take a moment and share with you one of the most beautiful experiences that I have felt in my brief career as a regional director of NCSY. Chanukah is a challenging time of the year for me as the second night of Chanukah commemorates the Yahrtzeit of my grandmother. In my mind […]

NCSY chief wants to help ‘Jewish kids stay Jewish’

December 16, 2009, by

NCSY chief wants to help ‘Jewish kids stay Jewish’ By FRANCES KRAFT, Staff Reporter Thursday, 03 December 2009 TORONTO — Rabbi Glenn Black’s introduction to NCSY, the international youth organization of the Orthodox Union, dates back to his student days at Yeshiva University, when a fellow student invited him to go to a Shabbaton in […]

OU Israel Free Spirit Birthright Update

December 16, 2009, by

FAST GROWING OU TAGLIT BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL PROGRAM TO BRING 12 BUSES THIS WINTER; PARTICIPANTS COME FROM NY, LA, PORTLAND (OR), MIAMI, SAN DIEGO, PITTSBURGH AND OTHER CITIES NCSY has partnered with the Jewish organizations Aish HaTorah and Yeladim Netivot to organize 12 Birthright trips to Israel this winter, with various programs catering to young adults […]

The butterflies should never stop

December 14, 2009, by

Before every event I get “the butterflies”. you'd think that after running hundreds of Shabbatons and trips they would stop; but they don't. It can be a small event or a huge one and i still get that fluttery feeling. I always teach my students that when you are doing what you were created for, […]

New and Improved

November 17, 2009, by

Well now that we have two full time staff in OU Alumni Connections we finally held a one day meeting to plan for the future together with International Director of NCSY Rabbi Steven Burg and his Associate Director Susan Wachstock. I am very excited about improvements we are going to make and I’m sure you […]

Lunch with my brother Steven

October 20, 2009, by

Just had lunch with my brother Steven (Atlantic Seaboard ’87) and he shared a great story I had to share;) He was on a flight to Israel with his family and they gave him a free upgrade for 1 ticket to business class which he of course gave to his wife. While visiting her, Avrohom […]