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Rabbi David Felsenthal

Rabbi David Felsenthal

January is conference month

January 27, 2011, by

While December is awesome programs month with Regional Shabbatons, Birthright Trips starting, Yarchei Kallah, visiting three JLIC campuses and their Alumni interns, January is Conference month. I saw hundreds of Alumni at the OU Convention, AJOP Convention and now the Sunday the Ben Zakkai Dinner which is sold out and has raised over $180,000 for […]

January Alumni of the Month: Jason and Yael Gevertzman

January 21, 2011, by

Yael and Jason Gevertzman are alumni of Etz Chaim aka New Jersey NCSY. They met in high school and began dating at NCSY Spring Regional 2001. In July of 2009, they got married. During their first year of marriage, they spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with new cuisines and creating their […]

Wow What Nachas

December 22, 2010, by

It was very hard deciding what to write about this month. I just got back from spending Shabbos with our first Birthright group of the season and I had to keep pinching myself to make sure it was for real as it was perhaps the best Shabbos Birthright ever (kudos to my awesome staff and […]

Aaron Horn: December Alumnus of the Month

December 21, 2010, by

Aaron Horn, one of this year’s Ben Zakkai inductees, grew up in Twin Rivers, a small town in central New Jersey, where NCSY’s presence proved critical to his growth as a Jew. He readily participated in events, Shabbatonim and summer programs throughout elementary and high school and became the regional vice president of the New […]

Thanks for our newest alumni

November 24, 2010, by

Thanksgiving! Here at OU Alumni we have an amazing list of blessings to be thankful for. The latest blessing that I want to focus on our the new alumni I've been meeting on college campuses lately. Two weeks ago I spoke at the OU Alumni Thursday night mishmar at Rutgers University hosted in the Hillel. […]

Alumnus of the Month: Jennifer Freiman

November 22, 2010, by

Jennifer Freiman grew up in Florida and attended a small Orthodox Jewish school, for eleven years. She switched to a school that was somewhat less religious, and eventually followed her brother to public school, drifting away from Judaism in the wake of her parents’ divorce. Soon, she stopped attending temple and began eating non-kosher, putting […]

Making It Come Alive, JerusalemOnlineU.com Style!

November 3, 2010, by

by Amy Holtz, President of JerusalemOnlineU.com What does being Jewish have to do with me? Why should I support Israel? These are just a few questions that echo in the minds of Jewish students and are engagingly explored in JerusalemOnlineU.com’s cutting edge courses. Many Jewish students will say they are Jewish or “feel” Jewish, but life is […]

Don’t Let School Get in the Way of Your Education

November 3, 2010, by

Parsha and Pizza at UCLA, headed by JLIC by Adina Wolkenfeld (2012), Bioengineering major and JLIC Intern The Hillel at UCLA presents a vibrant and diverse array of Jewish experiences for students. A broad spectrum of programming—ranging from Israel advocacy to “Challah for Hunger” social activism—exists at the Hillel at UCLA, yet JLIC stands alone […]

My favorite part

October 23, 2010, by

My favorite part of Directing OU Alumni is the chance to dream of great programs and then make them happen. This week, along with International NCSY Director Rabbi Steven Burg, Rabbi Avi Berman Director General of OU Israel and several others we will be meeting with the decision makers in the Government, Jewish Agency and […]