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Rabbi David Felsenthal

Rabbi David Felsenthal

Remembering Mrs. Miriam Lowenbraun, a”h

July 31, 2014, by

For many hundreds of alumni from the Atlantic Seaboard NCSY Region, when Mrs. Miriam (Twerski) Lowenbraun passed away in June in Baltimore, we lost our second mother, our confidante, our advisor and our best friend. Rabbi Yitzchok and Mrs. Lowenbraun were the regional directors for 18 years. Mrs. Lowenbraun was usually behind the scenes at […]

The Happiest and Saddest Day in My Life So Far

June 12, 2014, by

Yesterday was the happiest and saddest day in my life so far. Marrying my oldest son Levi to my newest daughter Nechama was a feeling beyond elation. I can’t describe it. I keep telling all my friends that if I knew it would feel this good, I would have done it a long time ago. […]

NCSY Public School Yarchei Kallah 2012

December 28, 2012, by

Yarchei Kallah is one of those events that always blows me away.  Once a year I get to learn and teach Public School NCSY’ers who have chosen to use their winter break to learn Torah.  This year there are over 270 kids and it is now 1am on Friday morning and the Beis Medrash is […]

On Being a Dad not afraid to cry

August 15, 2012, by

Yesterday, I went to the funeral of one of my Jewish heroes, Zev Wolfson. His accomplishments are immense in all areas of Jewish life especially in reaching out to our unaffiliated brothers and sisters. I’m not exaggerating when I say he is probably the most important supporter of informal Jewish education of the past century. All that being said, the one thing that most impressed me was…

Are you a G-d?

May 2, 2012, by

Over Passover I went hiking with my kids.  My oldest daughter Miriam Sara wanted us to do a 7 and a half hour hike at Bear mountain as she had done at camp.  My wife, Chani, wisely looked on line for a similar hike near Bear Mountain that was shorter and found one that was […]

Guess what time of year it is?

January 27, 2012, by

Guess what time of year it is? No it’s not Yeshiva winter break or the end of the round of Birthright or even Tu B’shvat. It’s time for the annual Ben Zakkai scholarship reception this Sunday 5pm at the Bohemian Hall in Manhattan http://www.ou.org/bzdinner ! For those who can’t make it, we will be inaugurating […]

Who will answer the call?

December 28, 2011, by

Who will answer the call? What if the most important call of your life came and you did not answer? What if you did not hear the ring? What if you did not even know it came? I’m at my favorite event of the entire year right now, NCSY Yarchei Kallah and…

Crying on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2011, by

Without you I’d be crying on Thanksgiving; thank you to OU Campus program, JLIC, from all the NCSY alumni. A few weeks ago, I spent Shabbos with the Shulman family at the University of Pennsylvania. The Shulmans are paid by the OU to strengthen the Jewish religious community life on campus. The couple is in daily contact […]

Love of Israel

October 27, 2011, by

Love of Israel. As an NCSY I was surrounded by an overwhelming love of Israel. This came from my advisors who either moved there or yearned to be able to. The many summer trips and year long options being promoted. The countless songs sang with a full heart about the joy and beauty of Yerushalayim. […]

A Sweet Taste Of The NCSY Alumni Staff

September 26, 2011, by

As Rosh Hashana is here, I look back at a phenomenal year at NCSY Alumni. I can't describe for you in depth everything we do here at Alumni but here is a very brief and sweet taste! Our Alumni staff focused on serving you doubled from 2 to 4. Besides my invaluable contributions;) Rina Emerson […]