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OU Staff

Jews in Spider-Man Video Game Take Shabbat Off

April 24, 2019, by

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 is has received positive reviews for its game play and graphics, including an impressively-detailed re-creation of modern Manhattan. Additionally, an overlooked “Easter egg” has just been […]

Should We Colorize Holocaust Photos?

April 24, 2019, by

Last year, a photo of Czesława Kwoka, a Polish teenager killed in Auschwitz, was shared online by the Auschwitz Museum. The photo, originally taken in black and white, went viral […]

500 Doctors Sign Letter Urging Vaccination

April 17, 2019, by

Approximately 500 doctors who serve Orthodox Jewish communities across North America have signed a letter calling for all children and healthy adults to get vaccinated. Doctors from New York, New […]

Israel Planning New Space Mission

April 17, 2019, by

SpaceIL chairman Morris Kahn has announced plans for the Beresheet 2 project, posting to Facebook that “We are going to actually put a new spacecraft on the moon and we are […]