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OU Staff

Did BDS Exacerbate the Cape Town Water Crisis?

February 9, 2018, by

Cape Town, South Africa, is currently undergoing a record-breaking drought, making it the first major city at risk of running out of water. Residents have being asked to limit their water consumption to 13 gallons per day and “Day Zero,” on which the taps run dry, looms ever closer. In an op-ed on Times of […]

Youngest Schindler’s List Survivor Tells Her Story at UN

February 8, 2018, by

Eva Lavi was 2 years old when the Nazis invaded Poland. Last week, at age 80, she addressed the United Nations, following International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Lavi is the youngest survivor from the famous “Schindler’s list,” the list of Jews saved by German industrialist Oskar Schindler as immortalized in the 1993 film. Lavi and her […]

Saudi Arabia Allows Flights to Israel Through Airspace

February 7, 2018, by

According to sources in the Israeli flight industry, Saudi Arabia has granted Air India permission to operate direct flights from New Delhi to Tel Aviv. This represents the first time the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allowed flights to Israel through their airspace. This will shorten travel from India by two-and-a-half hours, enabling the airline […]

Israeli President to Haredi Soldiers: You Serve Without Sacrificing an Iota of Your Faith

February 7, 2018, by

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited an IDF transport base, where he spoke with soldiers from the haredi battalion Abirei Hashachar and with Nahal Haredi rabbis. “I see that every person has the capacity to maintain the lifestyle that follows the dictates of his conscience and simultaneously serve in the IDF, which is our collective duty,” President […]

Israeli Education Minister to Visit Poland, Challenge Holocaust Law

February 5, 2018, by

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education Minister, has scheduled a trip to Poland as part of a diplomatic effort against the recent bill banning the phrase “Polish death camps” and public discussion of Polish complicity in the Holocaust. The US also criticized Poland’s passage of the bill, which could impose a sentence of up to three years […]

OU Member Shul Opens Doors for Super Bowl

February 2, 2018, by

On Sunday, February 4, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will face off in Super Bowl LII, to be held in U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN, home of the Minnesota Vikings. Darchei Noam, a modern Orthodox, OU-member synagogue in St. Louis Park, is welcoming Jewish football fans of all team affiliations for the Shabbat preceding […]

State Department Adds Hamas Leader to Terrorist List

February 1, 2018, by

Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ political bureau and a former PA prime minister, has been placed on the list of designated terrorists. The State Department has determined that Haniyeh, who resides in Qatar, has committed or is a risk to commit terror attacks that would harm US citizens, national security or the US economy. Being […]

British Anti-Semitic Incidents Reach All-Time High

January 31, 2018, by

The annual report of the Community Security Trust (CST), the UK’s largest watchdog organization for anti-Semitism, has reported a 3% increase in the number of anti-Semitic attacks in 2017. At 1,382 cases, this represents a new all-time high for the second consecutive year. Additionally, there has been a 34% increase in violent anti-Semitic assaults, rising from […]

Israel, Yad Vashem Object to Proposed Poland Holocaust Law

January 29, 2018, by

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized the draft of a Polish bill proposing to make it illegal to accuse Poles of complicity in the Nazi Holocaust. The bill, an amendment to an existing Polish law, would also make it illegal to describe the Nazi death camps located in Poland as “Polish.” Poland has long objected to […]

Chief Rabbi Calls for Stop to Public Prayers for Rain

January 29, 2018, by

In light of recent precipitation, Rabbi David Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, has called for a cessation of the public prayer for rain. The prayer Va’aneinu Borei Olam (Answer us, Creator of the universe) is only recited in the event of a severe drought. Individuals might still continue to pray for rain in the silent […]