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OU Staff

New Congressperson Moves to Overturn 181-Year-Old House Ban on Headgear

November 20, 2018, by

Ilhan Omar, a newly-elected Congressperson from Minnesota and one of the first two Muslim women to be elected to the House of Representatives, is a co-authoring a proposal to overturn the 181-year-old rule banning Congress members from wearing hats of any kind. Omar wears hijab, the Muslim headscarf. (Rashida Tlaib, the other newly-elected Muslim woman, […]

Slate of Nominees: Orthodox Union Board of Directors

November 19, 2018, by

To be presented at the Biennial Convention, Sunday, December 30th 2018 at Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch, NJ President Mark (Moishe) Bane Chairman, Board of Directors Howard Tzvi Friedman Vice Chairman, Board of Directors Mordecai D. Katz Chairman, Board of Governors Avi Katz Vice Chairman, Board of Governors Emanuel Adler Senior Vice […]

Convicted Neo-Nazi was Jerusalem Yeshiva Student

November 14, 2018, by

Adam Thomas, a British neo-Nazi who was convicted of membership in a banned group, was once a student at a Jerusalem yeshiva. According to the London-based Jewish Chronicle, Thomas studied at the Machon Meir Yeshiva in 2015 as a candidate for the school’s conversion program. At Machon Meir, he was known as “Avi Thomas.” Thomas, […]

Synagogue Rebuilt 80 Years After Kristallnacht

November 12, 2018, by

Built in 1896, Koenigsberg’s New Synagogue was one of Europe’s largest and most impressive Jewish houses of worship. Much to the local Jewish population’s dismay, it was destroyed in the Kristallnacht pogroms that began on November 9, 1938. “We saw the hulking ruin of our historic old synagogue each day, now a silent, accusatory memorial, a memorial […]

California Wildfires Damage Shuls, Camps, School

November 12, 2018, by

The fires raging across Southern California, which have led to the evacuation of more than 260,000 people, have also destroyed more than 170 homes and damaged several Jewish institutions, including synagogues and the Ilan Ramon Day School in Agoura. Head of school Yuri Hronsky wrote Friday on Facebook, “Our school is about heart and soul, not about […]

Did an Intergalactic Probe Visit Our Solar System? Israeli Researchers Say “Maybe!”

November 8, 2018, by

According to a newly-released paper from two Harvard astronomers, Oumuamua, a mysterious, cigar-shaped object that whizzed through our solar system last year, might actually be an alien probe from interstellar space. The authors of the paper are Shmuel Bialy (a graduate of Tel Aviv University) and Avi Loeb (a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Oumuamua, which means “messenger” in […]

Hate Crime Suspect Snatching Shaitels Off Heads in North Hollywood

November 8, 2018, by

The LAPD are searching for a man who attacked three Orthodox Jewish women in North Hollywood by grabbing or attempting to grab the wigs off their heads. Two of the attacks occurred on Yom Kippur, which was on September 19; the third happened on Tuesday. The incidents are being investigated as hate crimes because the man […]

Synagogue Vandal Was Fostered by Jewish Family

November 5, 2018, by

The New York Post reports that James Polite, the suspect charged with vandalizing a Brooklyn synagogue with anti-Semitic graffiti, was fostered by a Jewish family. Additionally, he once worked as a City Hall intern responsible for fighting hate crimes. Police say that Polite not only vandalized Union Temple in Prospect Heights, he also set fires at a […]

NY DMV to Cancel Anti-Semitic License Plate

November 5, 2018, by

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has started the revocation process for a vanity license plate that bears an anti-Semitic acronym. The license plate, which belongs to a Queens resident, reads “GTK RWN,” which  stands for “gas the kikes, race war now.” The story was first reported by the New York Daily News. The […]

All About the Victims of the Pittsburgh Shooting

October 29, 2018, by

The chief medical examiner of Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County released the names of the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting at Tree of Life Congregation. In addition to the 11 who were killed in the attack, two congregants and four police officers were injured. The 11 who were killed include David and Cecil Rosenthal – two brothers […]