About Us

The mission of the Orthodox Union is to engage, strengthen, and lead the Orthodox Jewish Community, and inspire the greater Jewish community.

Since its inception, the OU has accelerated programs that address the needs of the Jewish people. In 1898, the OU was founded based on the need for organized Orthodox leadership. In 1923, when the food industry was filled with fraud and corruption, the OU developed a kashrus certification allowing Jews to remain reliably kosher. Since then, the OU has built and grown successful Jewish ventures including: NCSY, OU Israel, Yachad, OU Press, Advocacy, Birthright and Follow-up, JLIC, and OU Torah.

To meet the changing needs of our generation, the Orthodox Union is launching the OU Impact Accelerator to support entrepreneurial ventures addressing our communal challenges. We aim to partner nonprofit entrepreneurs, successful professionals, and OU resources to work on the most impactful projects and share our growing knowledge base.

The Impact Accelerator is built on mentorship-based growth and early-stage funding for Jewish nonprofit entrepreneurs with the next groundbreaking ideas. The cohort of entrepreneurs will participate in a customized curriculum of business skills, coaching, funding, and implementation strategies to accelerate their ventures that are solving our community’s most significant needs. Entrepreneurs will participate in intensive in-person and virtual training, as well as peer-to-peer learning. 

We have the resources, networks, and experience in building Jewish ventures. Now we need to ensure that we are working on the most impactful projects that truly meet the needs of our community. Let’s innovate together!

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