Mrs. Shira Smiles

Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Milton & Shevi Cohen for the refuah shleima of Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer, and in memory of Rabbi and Mrs. Meir Feldman and Mr. and Mrs. Abe Cohen

Mrs. Shira Smiles is a highly sought-after international lecturer, a popular seminary teacher at Darchei Bina, and an experienced curriculum developer with 3 books on line available from She is well-known for her unique teaching style, which seeks to bring understanding of Torah texts through analysis of relevant sources, while making the lessons learned from every verse relevant to her students’ lives. In addition, she leads a number of women’s study group classes in Beit Shemesh and teaches in the OU Center in Yerushalayim, . Mrs. Smiles also trains Torah teachers in special workshops all over the world. Mrs. Smiles gives a weekly shiur that is watched around the world. She has a direct Skype shiur with students in Queens, New York , and has over 600 audio shiurim. Her book series, Torah Tapestries, was published by Feldheim, with the first two books being available in Kindle format. Sefer Devarim is being produced now in 5777.

Listen to her shiurim on the OU Holidays and OU Torah websites, on, and on

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