Rabbi Ari Marburger

Rabbi Ari Marburger of Lakewood, New Jersey is the director of the Business Halacha Institute. He has authored numerous articles for Hamodia, Yated and the Jewish Observer, as well as “Business Halacha: A Practical Guide to Modern Business“, a comprehensive volume published by Artscroll/Mesorah.

He has lectured for a wide range of organizations, including the Orthodox Union, Agudath Israel, JEP, Harvard Law School, and the Young Israel Rabbinical Conference.

Since 2003 Rabbi Marburger has been serving as a dayan for the Bais Din Maysharim of Lakewood, and has extensive experience arbitrating and counseling parties involved in financial disputes.

Listen To Rabbi Marburger’s shiurim on OU Torah and on businesshalacha.com.

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