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Ashrei – part 2
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אשרי העם שככה לו – Fortunate is the nation that such is its lot; אשרי העם שה’ אלוקיו – Fortunate is the nation that Hashem is its G-d. We are truly fortunate that Hashem chose us as His treasured nation and gave us His Torah,1 which is our guide for living a fulfilling, meaningful, and […]
Ashrei – part 1
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אשרי יושבי ביתך – Fortunate are those who dwell in Your house, עוד יהללוך סלה – who still praise You continuously. We all want to get to Olam HaBa and be considered a “ben Olam HaBa” while still in this world. The Gemara in Brachos1 teaches us that one who says Ashrei three times a day is […]
Yizkor: The Memorial Prayer Service
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Yizkor is the memorial service recited for deceased parents and other relatives at several points throughout the year. The name of the prayer means “May He remember” (“He” being God and “Yizkor” being the first word of the prayer). Not only do many who recite the prayer find it to be a moving, emotional experience, […]