Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Parshat Tetzaveh

February 3, 2014, by

My interest in the relationship between a person and his or her clothing goes back to my early days in graduate school. I was taking a course on human personality, under the tutelage of a remarkably insightful and erudite woman, Dr. Mary Henle. I was so enthusiastic about the courses that I took with her that I asked her to supervise my master’s degree thesis.

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Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Parshat Yitro

January 13, 2014, by

“Answers and Questions” The world has one persistent belief about Jewish behavior which may indeed be true. It is the belief that Jews always answer a question by asking another question. This tendency is mocked good naturedly in the old joke about the non-Jew who approaches his Jewish friend and asks: “Why do you Jews […]

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Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Parshat Bo

December 30, 2013, by

Our tradition teaches us to avoid using the divine name. We are instructed not to pronounce it in vain, and not to refer to it directly in writing. Some permit the name to be spelled out in languages other than Hebrew, whereas I personally follow the stricter opinion and use other terms to designate the deity.

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Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column: Vayechi

December 9, 2013, by

They called him a horse thief. That was the worst possible epithet that one could hurl at a young man in the early 19th-century shtetl, or village, of Czernovitz. Back then, a horse was a very necessary item, and many of the townspeople spent all of their hard-earned savings to procure one. Losing one’s horse often meant losing one’s livelihood.

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