Parshat Emor: Appropriate and Excessive Mourning

May 4, 2012, by

And to his virgin sister who is close to him, that is not married, for her he may become ritually unclean. (VaYikra 21:3) 1. The Torah source for the commandment to mourn the death of relatives A kohen is generally prohibited from becoming ritually unclean. This prohibition restricts a kohen from contact with a dead […]

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Parshat Emor: Sefirat Ho’omer

April 30, 2011, by

“And you shall count for you from the morrow after the day of rest, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the waving seven weeks. They shall be complete.” (VaYikra 23:15) We are currently involved in the mitzvah of sefirat ho’omer – the counting of the omer. We begin counting the omer on […]

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