Parshas Emor

May 1, 2014, by

This week’s Sedra deals extensively with various particulars pertaining to the Kedusha of the Kohanim. One of the more striking particulars is the Parsha of Mumim – imperfections. Hashem commands Moshe to instruct Aharon the following: ‘a man who is from your descent in any future generation that will have any blemish should not approach […]

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Calendar Rhythms & Counting the Omer, Parshat Emor

April 30, 2014, by

Rabbi Ari Goldberg, the director of Pittsburgh NCSY, examines why for the mitzvah of Sefiras HaOmer, Counting the Omer, we don’t recite Shehechiyanu as we do for so many other annual Mitzvot. For him, like the the rhythms of nature, the traditions of hockey season and the calendar of NCSY events, it’s all about patience […]

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