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We Forget Amalek at Our Peril
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We are incredible beings for so many reasons, perhaps none so much as our ability to embody so many seeming contradictions with such ease. We are both soul and flesh, corporeal and spirit. We are defined by our sense of self, by our individuality, by the “I” yet we are lost unless that “I” also […]
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Parashat Ki Tetze discusses a host of abusive behaviors, some sexual and others financial.In general, the Torah legislates against these aberrant behaviors, deeming them illegal. We have no particular difficulty understanding these laws; as a whole, theobjective of Torah lawis to create a just, healthy society. Abusive behavior of any kind runs counter to this […]
Parshat Shoftim – Moshe for President
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In this week’s parsha, Moshe is commanded to set up cities of refuge on the East side of the Jordan, but knows that he will not be able to enter the Land of Israel and live to see the fruits of his efforts. Rabbi Yitzchok Dinovitzer, Associate Regional Director of Atlantic Seaboard, whose NCSY experience […]