Parshas Pinchas

July 10, 2014, by

The Sedra opens with the end to a drama that began at the end of last week’s Sedra. Klal-Yisroel camped in Shitim and began to act inappropriately. They became intimate with the Moabite girls which led them to serve Avoda-Zara. These acts angered Hashem and caused Hashem to punish Am-Yisroel with a horrible unstoppable plague. […]

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Lessons of a Leader

Pinchas contains a mini-essay on leadership, as Moses confronts his own mortality and asks God to appoint a successor. The great leaders care about succession. In Chayei Sarah we see Abraham instruct his servant to find a wife for Isaac so that the family of the covenant will continue. David chooses Solomon. Elijah, at God’s […]

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Living Through the Just and Unjust – Parshat Pinchas

July 8, 2014, by

Amanda Esraeilian, an advisor for Midwest NCSY and former International President, examines the census process of the Land of Israel described in Parshat Pinchas and is struck by how fairly the land is then divided between families. But life is rarely proceeds so justly. How can we rationalize living through those unjust experiences?

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