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The Leader as Teacher
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It was one of the great moments of personal transformation, and it changed not only Moses but our very conception of leadership itself. By the end of the book of Bamidbar, Moses career as a leader seemed to have come to its end. He had appointed his successor, Joshua, and it would be he, not […]
Parshas Devarim
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We find ourselves this week at the beginning of Moshe Rabeinu’s final words to Klal-Yisroel. Chazal tell us that the whole of Sefer Devarim was Moshe’s parting words to Klal-Yisroel, conveyed on his very last day. Moshe Rabeinu recalls various occurrences that transpired between HaKadosh-Baruch-Hu and Am-Yisroel; because of this fact the entire Sefer has […]
The Price of Hatred
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It is often quoted in the name of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook that just as the Temple was destroyed due to baseless hatred, it will be rebuilt due to baseless love.While this teaching sounds simple, it is in fact highly nuanced, and deserves more serious consideration. The image that comes to mind when we hear […]