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Parshas Vayeitzei
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Yaakov prepares to go to sleep and sets up rocks around his head. Somehow, between the time when Yaakov goes to sleep and when he wakes up, these rocks have been transformed into a single rock under his head. Rashi makes note of this inconsistency and explains (quoting the Midrash) that when Yaakov actually went […]
Love Is Not Enough
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Judaism is supremely a religion of love: three loves. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.” “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” And “You shall love the stranger, for you were once strangers in a strange land.”[1] Not only is Judaism […]
Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky
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Our parasha begins with Yaakov on the run; every aspect of his life is complicated. Although he leaves his hometown laden with blessings, at least some of these blessings were obtained under false pretenses. His relationships with each of the members of his family are clouded by these blessings, as is the journey on which […]