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“If Not Now, When?” – Parsha Mishpatim
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A verse in parshat Mishpatim, echoes the spirit of the famous phrase from Hillel in Pirkei Avot. Scott Shulman, Program Director for Israel Free Spirit, the OU’s Birthright trip provider, examines the faith the Israelites demonstrated to do and obey Hashem’s Commandments.
When Should We Celebrate Tu BiShvat?
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A question posed about 100 years ago to a Rabbi by Jews living in Buenos Aires is the topic this week. Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner, Rosh Beit Midrash of YU Zichron Dov in Toronto, explains why we celebrate Tu BiShevat, the so-called Birthday of the Trees, halfway into the month of Shevat to coincide with the […]