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Ki Tisa – Sh’vi’i
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The mitzvos G-d gave Moshe in the previous aliyah essentially parallel those given in the fifth aliyah of parshas Mishpatim, before Moshe originally ascended Mt. Sinai. They are repeated because Moshe must now re-climb the mountain and take down the Law again. He spent another 40 days on Mt. Sinai without eating or drinking, obtaining […]
Ki Tisa- Haftarah
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This week’s haftarah starts with God sending Elijah to tell Ahab that He is going to make it rain. Everything else in the haftarah extends from there, but the connection to the Torah reading would seem to come only in the second half, where Elijah and Ahab meet, joust tensely about the cause of the […]
Shnayim Mikra Resources
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New OU Program, Shnayim Mikra, to Provide Commentary on Weekly Parsha The OU’s Shnayim Mikra debut Arutz Sheva: Targum Onkelos Revived by OU and Gefen Article Onkelos on the Torah Article Targum Onkelos Article